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Art Transport Specialists


At Arterri we know that the art shipping can not be done in a hurry and each work, each piece, each object is unique, and loved by its creator and its audience. That is why we offer a personalized service for each shipping we do, as well as a professional handling of the works thanks to the use of specialized vehicles that have security systems, alarm, pneumatic suspension and GPS location system.

Additional Services

Assistance in Assembly of Exhibitions

We offer to our clients the help of the Arterri specialists in the assembly of their stands: unpacking, hanging or placing the art works, custody of packings during the event, changing works during the exhibition or any other help they may need.


Our warehouse is at your disposition, to store artworks as long as needed. The spaces, equipped with alarm, surveillance and security services can be used as storage spaces for material, packing or furniture.

About Us

Arterri transports art with care and craft work.

Our team is made up of professionals in this sector who know how to treat, handle and firmly move what you put into our hands.

It is runed by Roc Terricabres, an expert in transport of all kinds of artistic works and linked to the world of art and culture from his childhood.
Arterri works for artists, art galleries, museums, cultural boards and other institutions and companies.
“There are no first and second divisions in this sector, the volume and not the quality, differentiates the big of the small ones”. In fact, Arterri is specialized in the small areas of the art world. Guarantee on delivery, trust and security terms set our line of work.

Roc Terricabres

“My relationship with the art world goes back a long way: there was not a simple span at the wall without a picture, the glass cabinets and the cupboards were full of objects, ancient and delicate, modern and unique. Each wall, absolutely all of them, were finished at the top by shelves stuffed with water jugs, mirrors, sculptures and other pieces…”


What our clients say about us

Our main customers

Galeria Mayoral

Galeria Miquel Alzueta

Galeria Senda

Galeria ADN

Galeria Victor Lope

Galeria Anquin’s

Galeria Marc Domenech

Galeria Rocio Santacruz

Galeria Nogueras Blanchard
(Hospitalet de Llobregat)

Galeria Barbié

Sala Parés

Col·lecció Olor Visual

Fundació Vila Casas

Galeria Marlborough
(Barcelona i Madrid)

Galeria Juana de Aizpuru

Galeria Lucia Mendoza

Bernard Chauchet Art


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Roc Terricabres
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